It is easy to explore the Wildschönau by bike. The four villages, Niederrau, Oberrau, Auffach and Thierbach all have a different kind of atmosphere. Those guests who like a bit less exhaustion can rent an E-bike at the rental store and reach the peaks a bit easier!



Mountainbike holidays

The Wildschönau counts a total surface of 90 square kilometers and has many paths for great biking tours. The valleys near by and trips within the valley can also be reached  easily - for example the Schönangeralm or the Bergdorf Thierbach. 


The E-bike is perfect for people with less condition and offers untrained bikers a intense experience of the holiday region Wildschönau. On a bike, one can experience all the scnets and sounds around but also the quiet up on the mountain away from the villages. For e-bikes there are many charging stations and bigger tours are also no problem. It is very easy to change the battery to have enough power to get also back home again. That way, also farther away trips are possible. 

Also hiking is a very popular summer acitivty - here you can see our hiking routes